Speaking and Workshops

Speaking and Workshops

Strengthen your teens, youth and or corporate relationships & book a surf workshop. or have Nancy give an empowering motivational talk through fun story telling
Nancy Emerson helps you build the bonding of your company, youth through surfing and surf clinics in Hawaii, South Pacific or on the Gold Coast of Australia.

Nancy's Motivational Speaking

"Nancy, over the past decades of involvement in sport, teaching, personal coaching, life coach, business, civic activities, environmental concerns, motion picture stunt and production work, global travel, holistic healing and the practice of her Faith, has formed strong friendships and valuable business relationships the world over that will surely prove a stimulus for the youth. teens anyone wanting to gain knowledge,

Nancy Emerson was honored in Hawaii as the "Women's Hall of Fame of the Sea" surfer and respected sportsperson, with all her proven exceptional talents and endless energy will surely entertain and inspire you."
Richard B. Wilken, Architect, Pacific Palisades, California

Nancy is a multi-talented individual who has an outstanding reputation in many professional areas.  Her introduction in the 'Na Wahine Hano Hano O Ke Kai' (Women's Hall of Fame of the Sea) in 1998 highlights and recognizes her accomplishments in surfing and the ocean running for over 36 years.
Nancy is associated with me through her continuing work in the film industry.  Her dedication and enthusiasm can easily be seen through the memberships that she holds in various Community, National and International organizations.  An example of that is her 31-years membership with the Screen Actors Guild.
Nancy has worked in many facets of the film/motion picture industry.  I have personally worked with her on two segments for the Regis & Kathy Lee Show.  Nancy is not only a talent in front of camera: she has also proved herself to be successful with her own production company.  Her experience and wealth of knowledge is reputable and is to be admired.  Nancy would be an asset to your company or group with her professional experiences as your motivational speaker.

Sincerely,  Kathie Lee Gifford, TV Personality Host

Learn from an international surfing champion who is in the Hawaiian

Women’s Hall of Fame for the Ocean

Learn from an international surfing champion who is in the Hawaiian Women’s Hall of Fame for the Ocean. International professional surfing champion, Nancy Emerson was born and raised in California and Hawaii and has corporate experience working for Warner Bros, Disney, Sony and Universal Studios, to name a few.

Nancy’s passion is sharing her knowledge of the ocean and surfing to help empower people to achieve what they want in life.  A natural at improvisation, Nancy colors surfing activities with her native language to give people a taste of authentic Hawaiian surfing language.  And this makes Nancy a captivating, positive, uplifting and wonderful motivational speaker.

Bushy Mitchell CEO Surfing Australia and Surfing Queensland 1999


Catch a wave of inspiration in your next team building surfing workshop event with Nancy Emerson in Hawaii on Oahu, Maui, the Gold Coast of Australia or California.  Corporate team building events foster stronger team morale and strengthen relationships among co-workers. The learn-to-surf experience is an equalizer, and helps build stronger, more focused corporate teams.
These events are powerful training programs to create lasting and sustainable change. Nancy will make a real improvement to your company in an Aloha Spirit that is entertaining, relaxed, informative and professional. Everything is demonstrated clearly on the beach before entering the water. Nancy Emerson’s team will also support you in the ocean in a completely safe, fun and supervised way.

Like many organizations, you have probably used formal training programs. You may be wondering, “Are we making the most of every dollar we spend on training?” and “How can we increase the effectiveness of such programs and the application of the skills and knowledge gained so we can affect positive change, increase productivity, develop greater initiative and leadership models, and gain greater team commitment and ownership.”

  • Learning around the ocean and surf creates an atmosphere that is entertaining, relaxed, informative, as well as professional and allows any stress to disappear.
  • Enhances relationships between co-workers through mutual dependency for outcomes and personal achievement during an activity that is challenging and enjoyable.
  • Puts co-workers on the same playing field level where chain of command, in a formal sense, becomes irrelevant.
  • Lets co-workers see their peers learning and improving in a new endeavor where individuals can assist the learning of the whole team through coaching and mentoring for growth and development.
  • Gives people a chance to interact at the beach and in the ocean so co-workers observe each other in different surroundings.
  • Through relationship building with Nancy  participants will discover important lessons that can be applied to their careers, including learning to:
  • Relax, breathe and let go of stress in one’s life,
  • Trust their instructors and face and overcome their fears in a supportive and structured environment,
  • Take calculated risks based on rational, logical and emotional experiences in a holistic way,
  • Allow themselves to be guided by others and depend on others for success,
  • Be patient while learning new ideas and techniques,
  • Appreciate the differences between the strengths and weaknesses of each team member, and
  • Observe how collectively the team becomes stronger through working together.
  • Learn surfing skills for business success – eliminate stress and enhance productivity
  • The more relaxed you are at work, the more productive and creative you will be.

It’s a chance for teammates to let their guard down, just be themselves and have fun, which is great for strengthening relationships between co-workers. The ocean can help you uncover your true strengths and areas you can improve on in your life.

Team building activities are integral to our business. We all know the benefits of increased productivity and the development of more open communication channels, but in 2005 I was challenged by my staff to find a fresh, creative, and stimulating avenue for our annual team building activity. Nancy Emerson’s Corporate Surfing Clinic provided the angle I was looking for. Learning to surf was the ultimate leveler, providing a fun, relaxed and educational environment that also offered a skill for life – ocean awareness. My staff have requested (for the first time) to repeat Nancy’s clinic in 2006. I would definitely encourage other organizations to choose this as a team building activity because I know how much they would benefit from it.

Heather Domain
Corporate Relations Unit, GTE.Net

“I attended my company’s sales conference in Hawaii, back in 1996. As a team-building event, Nancy and her staff conducted a surf clinic for those who were interested.

Nancy and her team of instructors were professional, informative and experienced surfers. They taught us proper techniques and stressed safety, but at the same time, made it a very enjoyable experience, especially for those of us who have never been on a surfboard.

Whether it’s one-on-one or as a group, you can always count on Nancy for high quality instruction. Her experience as a professional surfer, effective instructional techniques and respect for the ocean make her lessons a valuable and unique experience.”

Carla Gavalakis
course developer Vmware