Guidance, Teaching, Coaching and Training

Under Nancy’s guidance, teaching, coaching and training surfers, as well as beginners you will improve your focus, determination, and will develop a greater understanding, ability to read the ocean on your own.  Boosting your progress will help move your surfing to new heights of confidence, skill and precision.

Nancy's Learn to Surf in One Lesson Technique

Nancy Emerson is the originator of the acclaimed “Learn to Surf in One Lesson” technique that started on the island of Maui in 1973 at the Maui Surf Hotel.  You can learn from Nancy Emerson on Maui, Oahu in Hawaii, Gold Coast of Australia, South Pacific or you pick where to meet Nancy and you will learn Nancy’s holistic philosophy that merges ability, water safety skills, and fun. It is this combination that enables those who take Nancy’s surf lessons, surf clinics or have her be your surf guide you enjoy surfing more than ever.

Coaching and Training for Competitive Surfers

If you are a competitive surfer, Nancy Emerson is one of the top former pioneer WCT professional surfers who personally coaches amateur, elite, and top WCT professional surfers. With her holistic, competitive surfing history, she can bring a current competitive surfer to new levels of success with her coaching and training style.

Nancy Emerson, "Waterwoman"

"However, 'Waterwoman' is what strikes you when you see her paddling out across the glassy swell, carving her way down a gnarly wave, or walking across the sand with her golden retriever Apache. With her sparkling eyes, effervescent personality, tan, and blonde hair, Nancy looks as though she not only was born in the ocean, but that she has saltwater running through her veins. Beneath Nancy's California-girl looks, there's intelligence and a great sense of humor that make her personality, like her surfing, stand out from the pack."

Nancy Emerson, a former international surfing champion with 37+ years coaching and teaching experience, which all started on the island of Maui.  Nancy created Hawaii surf lessons and week and two week long surf clinics that cover the total surfing experience. Nancy will coach you how to surf better, make sure you have the basics of form and technique, as well as water safety, ocean awareness, wave conditions and surf etiquette in her surfing clinics, that has set past champions on their path to success.

Nancy’s clients come from around the globe.  For Hawaii surf lessons and surf clinics that will provide the finest foundation in surfing for everyone.  And did we mention, Nancy is a 1998 inductee into the International Wahine (Woman’s) Surfing Hall of Fame for the Ocean.  It’s called in Hawaiian "Na Wahine Hano Hano O Ke Kai".   Make no doubt about it; by learning to improve your surfing in Hawaii on Maui, Oahu, South Pacific, Australia or where you want to work with Nancy Emerson you will have more fun in your life with the knowledge you will gain.