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Meet Nancy Emerson

Nancy Emerson, a former international surfing champion with 38+ years coaching and teaching experience, which all started on the island of Maui.  Nancy created Hawaii's 1st surf school "Nancy Emerson School of Surfing"  with surf lessons, surf clinics running over three, five or two weeks covering the total surfing experience.  She also makes an excellent surf guide.  Nancy will coach you how to surf better, make sure you have the basics of form and technique, as well as water safety, ocean awareness, wave conditions and surf etiquette in her surfing clinics, that has set past champions on their path to success.

~ Two time WSL World Champion & Past CEO of World Surf League

Nancy Honored

Nancy was honored with the NA WAHINE HANO HANO O KE KAI award in 1998. Woman of the Sea


“Nancy Emerson Surfing is the only surf school I found that actually teaches you to surf rather than just has someone to push you into the waves. This is the place to go if you want to learn reading waves, understanding the break and catch waves on your own. I had 3-day surf clinic in Oahu and it was the most awesome and professional experience I’ve ever had on the island & it was absolutely awesome!”

The only real surf school Giwan Doctor, Japan

“She has businessmen, doctors, lawyers as students.  There are more women now than ever before learning the sport of surfing from the renowned professional surfer Nancy Emerson from Hawaii.”

She has businessmen, doctors, lawyers as students Los Angeles Times

“Nancy Emerson pushed me into my first wave in 1986. I stood up on every wave and fell in love with the ocean. If you want a beautiful relationship with surfing, spend some time with Nancy in the water. Share in her expertise, her oneness with the ocean and her kind and joyful spirit. It’s what surfing’s all about.”

If you want a beautiful relationship with surfing, spend some time with Nancy Nia Peeples, Actor/Singer/Dancer, Topanga, California

“Mahalo Nancy for teaching me the techniques of surfing”

Mahalo Nancy Sunny Garcia, Hawaii’s 6 Time Triple Crown Champion/WSL 2000 World Champion

“If there’s anything you want to know about the art of surfboard riding, Maui’s First Lady of Surfing, Nancy Emerson will certainly have the answer.”

Maui’s First Lady of Surfing Gerry Lopez
, Hawaii’s World Famous Surfing Legend, Mr. Pipeline

“I would give Nance ten out of five stars if possible!! She is one of the most knowledgeable, positive, and constructive surf teachers both in and out of the water. As an avid surfer and traveler, I would recommend Nance and her surf school to anyone at any level: whether you’re a seasoned professional or it’s your first time ever paddling out. Nance will physically as well as mentally help you to the best surfer you can be. I am so blessed to have worked with her and truly believe she is the epitome of the aloha spirit.”

I would give Nance ten out of five stars if possible!! Suzy Skarulis, singer/song writer, actor and comedian

“I would like to comment on the status and reputation of Nancy Emerson in the international surfing community. I met Nancy for the first time in Hawaii. My friend and I took a semi-private surf lesson from her. I found Nancy’s surfing school from the Internet. Her web site attracted me because it was professionally done, informative and fun! I was impressed by her alumni, from famous movie stars to surfing champions.

Being an instructor myself (since 1986, teaching in the computer industry) I value high quality instruction. Nancy’s surf clinics are high quality! She has vast experience, emphasizes safety, as well as respect for the ocean, and her instructional techniques are extremely effective.

This experience motivated me to look Nancy up when I was in Australia for business reasons. I took a special trip up from Sydney to the Gold Coast to take another surf clinics from her. Nancy not only instructed me, but she also took me around the area, showed me different surf sites, and basically was a “tour guide” for me. I really appreciated that.

I am looking forward to my next lesson with Nancy. Her talents, experience, and instructional techniques are a great asset to the surfing community. Nancy No Ka Oi!”

The status and reputation of Nancy Emerson Sincerely, Carla Gavalakis course developer @ Vmware, Bay Area, Calif.