They said it not Nancy! Here are testimonials about Nancy Emerson and her coaching, teaching over the years in Hawaii, Japan, California, Fiji and Australia.

My family of five and I got 3 hour surf lessons for 3 days with Nancy Emerson Surf School and it was incredible! We broke up our lessons between two islands. We did two lessons on Oahu and one on Maui. Every day we learned something new from the different instructors. They were very knowledgeable and professional and still a lot of fun! They really stressed making sure you are relaxed and enjoying it! Nancy Emerson really cares about her students and wants them to learn how to surf. All of her instructors were fantastic! We learned how to read the waves and paddle into our own waves. They were really good about teaching us to be able to catch waves on our own once we were ready! Would book again. Best surf lessons on the islands!! 
Ashley Keller, Tennessee -

“If there’s anything you want to know about the art of surfboard riding, Maui’s First Lady of Surfing, Nancy Emerson will certainly have the answer.”
Gerry Lopez
Hawaii’s World famous Surfing Legend, Mr. Pipeline
“She has businessmen, doctors, lawyers and students. There are more women now than ever before learning the sport of surfing from the famous”Nancy Emerson School of Surfing” in the Hawaiian Islands”
Los Angeles Times
“Nancy Emerson’s experience gives her a keen eye for the subtle aspects of form that have a profound effect on how well you surf. The benefit of her insight will be a valuable and enlightening experience for any surfer.” Looking forward to taking some lessons in Hawaii sometime soon!”
Stewart Carl

Learn from an international surfing champion who is in the Hawaiian Women’s Hall of Fame for the Ocean
International professional surfing champion, Nancy Emerson was born and raised in California and Hawaii and has corporate experience working for Warner Bros, Disney, Sony and Universal Studios, to name a few.
Nancy’s passion is sharing her knowledge of the ocean and surfing to empower others to achieve what they want in life.
A natural at improvisation, Nancy colors surfing activities with her native language to give people a taste of authentic Hawaiian surfing language.
Film Producer, Hollywood, California

“When it comes to Nancy Emerson’s surfing instruction, the eagle has landed at its best”.
Mark Hogge
Virginia, USA Federal Attorney

Dear Nancy.

"Thank you so much for making our trip to Hawaii such a blast. We’ve been to the islands many times and this last visit was, by far, the most fun for everyone, thanks to you.
Peter is still talking about how he “shredded” and very time he tells someone about it, the waves get bigger and bigger. I figured by the end of this year, he’ll be telling everyone he surfed the Pipeline. Alison, on the other hand, has a much more realistic recollection of the trip…”Dad, we were surfing in foam, for God’s sake.” Strange how people interpret the same situation so differently!
And thank you, for making a middle-aged man feel like a kid again. It really was the highlight of the year for Peter. I can’t say enough about you and your school. Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo!"
Nancy, Peter & Alison Anguar
Mill Valley, California

“Thank you so much for your surf lessons in Maui, Hawaii. It was a great experience for me. After the lesson, I bought a new long board at Hi-Tech Surf Shop, where you recommended and ship it to Japan. Now I have return to Japan and would like to try surfing at Kochi shore. Thank you again.”
Shinichi Ikegawa
Doctor, Japan
"I earnestly thank you very much for your support and hospitality, which made my stay in Maui most enjoyable and unforgettable. Through the surf clinic with you, I have realized surfing is far more interesting than I had anticipated and have determined to keep doing that. Looking forward to seeing you soon and have KATSUDON at Arakawa’s again, I really am. Mahalo!!!”

Hiro Sawada Hiryuki
Banker, Japan

“Nancy gives you the Freedom to Learn with the personal tips to keep you trying. She works with your personal style instead of trying to teach you her style. A Great Experience, a must for everyone”.
Matthew Van Hoose
Little League Coach
Dear Nancy
"I want to say something about the sport, the school and the superintendent. Forty years old, living in a Midwestern grain-break and twenty-nine years removed from a California adolescence featuring no surfing instruction leading to no surfing technique. What I needed was a dollop of instruction atop an entree of encouragement. Fortunately, this is America. I chose your school for three reasons: (1) nice glossy ads in major surf publications; (2) prompt and courteous, nay genuinely interested replies to my inquiries; (3) Hawaii location. I was in no way disappointed. Great spots, great organization, great equipment and, fortunately, great conditions for learning, combined to make for a week of solid instruction and modest but substantive improvement. That’s where the teaching really paid off. As they say, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and I’m sure it’s easier to instruct a novice than to try and correct the faults of someone like me who knows just enough to get into trouble. What I really appreciated was your ability to combine tolerance for my faults (which after all, and despite their severity, had sustained my enthusiasm for decades) with specific guidance for eliminating them (eg. where to sit, where and how to paddle, where to look, how to kick out, etc.). It’s true I was pretty hopeless at implementing your all-important Rule #1 (Relax), I should also mention how much I appreciate your efforts to inculcate respect and concern for Hawaii’s natural environment, efforts refreshingly at odds with the prevalent Hawaii-as-amusement -park mentality. My main goal in taking some surf lessons was to determine whether I could surf the rest of my life.. Whether I could master the techniques requisite for paddling out in moderate surf and catching a few waves.. My goal was completely realized: I can surf”.
Mark P. Jenkins
Chicago, USA
Retired Stock Broker, currently Freelance Writer

“I went to Australia and It was the best choice I could have made. Nancy took my skills up to the next level. Nancy was a wonderful teacher and tour guide. I was traveling by myself, so she introduced me to some really nice people and showed me all the entertainment spots and eateries. I feel the Gold Coast is a wonderful choice for surfers. I have been to Hawaii, Fiji and of course Malibu, but from my own experience the Gold Coast has many more choices than any place I’ve been, and the breaks are more consistent. When I arrived in Australia, I had some poor surfing habits and did not know about all the hazards and the safety precautions one must take in the ocean. After my week long surf clinic, I feel a lot more confident and I am a better surfer. I had a great time, not only with my surfing, but with the Australian culture. I admire how everyone treats everyone else with respect. Anyone looking for a good surfing safari outside of the United States should not look any further than Down Under and Nancy Emerson should certainly be the surfing guide.”
Jennifer Chapman
Professional Dog Trainer
Malibu, California

I have known Nancy Emerson for a period of 30 years+. Like myself, Nancy Emerson was a founding member of professional surfing and a pioneer in the area of surf instruction.
Nancy was a passionate believer in the destiny of women’s surfing and she made a huge contribution to the development of professional surfing world wide. Official acknowledgment for this achievement came in the form of induction into the women’s Hall of Fame of the Ocean in 1998.
It is in the area of surf instruction that Nancy distinguished herself on the world stage. Beginning in 1973, Nancy established a school of surfing that was a source of primary introduction and instruction for both novice and advanced enthusiasts worldwide.
Nancy was one of the first to incorporate surf safety, ocean awareness and ocean respect as a part of the criteria. Nancy and her appointed instructors practiced ‘duty of care’ to the fledgling aspirants long before this term became a mandatory composite of any ‘Level 1? sports coach.
As a former National Coaching Director for Surfing Australia I am aware of the high standards that Nancy is famous for. Nancy has impeccable credentials. Her work ethic is first class, and just as importantly, her personable nature and warm spirit makes Nancy an excellent teacher.
Nancy Emerson has many attributes. She is a highly respected and much loved figure in the international surfing community. She did a wonderful job promoting tourism for Hawaii and Nancy not only brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience, but a certain class and worldliness that will benefit her work in Australia.
Nancy is a dedicated individual, driven in her vocation by a pursuit of excellence an a love of the ocean. It is this kind of unfaltering service and devotion that I most admire in this remarkable woman.”
Wayne Rabbit Bartholomew
CEO/President ASP
Association of Surfing Professionals International Ltd.:

“Thank you Nancy for world class, holistic surf lessons in all things surfing!
If you are thinking about signing up for a surf clinic from Nancy, stop thinking, and do it!
I bought my wife a private surfing with Nancy. My wife is a beginner, 2nd time ever attempting to surf and was very intimidated by the ocean. Nancy put her at ease instantly with her positive, relaxed attitude and knowledge of the ocean and what to look out for. By the end of the 2 hr session, Christina was catching waves and standing up on 10-20 second rides. Her confidence levels soared and we are now 1 month down the track since the lesson and have surfed every weekend together!
I booked myself also with Nancy. I class myself as an intermediate beginner with bad habits and my main weak area being the initial stand up in a flowing motion. Nancy started by talking me through the oceans characteristics and then proceeded to look at my take off/stand up technique. Straight away she picked up on some “bad habits” and helped me work through them. Since the lesson, I have not struggled with my take off at all. My surfing has improved more in this last month than ever before!
Nancy is definitely worth every dollar. Each surf lesson is personalized to each individual and the training continues even after the lesson has ended as Nancy is now helping me to pick out a new board and checks in from time to time to hear about Christina’s and my progress!
Thank you Nancy for everything!”
Much love,
Andrew and Christina!

I want to share with all the people who are going to learn surfing my great experience with one of the best surfing teacher in the world, Nancy Emerson. She wanted to know everything about my surfing experiences and skills.
Nancy was really a friend from the beginning ‘cause she helped me to find a safe accommodation for my visit to the Gold Coast.
The first day we met at Rainbow Bay Coolangatta at 7 am, after a patient check of every spot we decided to start from Snapper Rocks, cause the waves were long and good for a beginner practice and no one else was out, which rarely happens there. Before touching the Ocean we had 30 minutes an unforgettable talk on the beach on the basic surfing techniques and the most important Nancy’s five principles that a surfer should never to forget.
After this surf introduction we start paddling to the best know Snapper Rocks spot just in front of the Quicksilver Pro WSL stage. Nancy was always looking at me while moving into the water and always correcting me with my position on the board. The first wave I tried to catch was a success, I surfed it all the way in and with Nancy’s instructions it went so natural. I surfed many other waves during that session, and Nancy was always by my side giving me advices and insisting on my position and paddling technique that is fundamental for a good surfer. At the end of the morning I was confident with the Ocean and waves and ready to start on the next day. I was given a positive affirmation for the night coming, which consisted to repeat down on a paper a series of errors I was doing during that day. This was really helpful the day after ‘cause I was remembering that errors and trying to avoid them while paddling in the Ocean.
The second morning we started at Rainbow Bay, the waves were good, but current was really strong. After a brief summary of the five principles, studying the waves and currents and a bit of warm-up, we went into the water. The condition s were difficult, but it was really helpful for me ‘cause I had the chance to exercise how to contrast the wave impact zone. Nancy taught me the best way to look at the waves and avoid the waves while paddling back out surrounding them. I had a moment where I was not concentrating and Nancy noticed it immediately, and she decided to take me out of the water for a couple of minutes to show and explain to me what I need to look for when I am in the ocean. With those few words Nancy shared I understand the errors I was making and I was ready to hit the Ocean again.
When the surf lesson was finishing we had a long talk on Rainbow Bay, we discusses about the two days, the big principles and after those two days of intensive lesson with Nancy I now can say, I’m a surfer. I have the basics to handle a surfboard, jump on it with the proper movement, and surf waves in an elegant style and I have learned all in a super simple way. Nancy gives you all the necessary basics to be a great surfer, without un-useful techniques, ‘cause surf movements have to be natural. And this is how I feel now while surfing, I feel confident in the Ocean and perfectly conscious on the surfboard.
These days for me were not just a surfing lesson, they were a lesson of life. Nancy was a teacher, but also a friend and I will get in touch with her as soon as I need some professional tips for my surfing progress.
If you want to learn surfing dudes, go for Nancy Emerson you’ll never regret!”
Alessandro Mazzi
Italian Law student at University of Queensland

“Nancy Emerson! Thanks so much for all the personal time and effort you gave to us, both in and out of the water to improve our surfing and enjoy our Australian holiday. Getting long rides in uncrowded conditions, meeting local surfers, and visiting different surf locations made the surfing experience memorable. Your emphasis upon ocean awareness, paddling, and wave catching techniques have helped to make surfing easier and more fun for us. We also appreciated the local arrangements you made for transportation and other activities. Everyone involved was genuinely courteous and helpful in making our holiday most successful. Based upon our experience, we would highly recommend you to anyone seeking to combine surfing with other Australian holiday activities.”
Robert and Shelley Danforth
Los Angeles, California

“Fantastic 5 Days on Maui”
“Just wanted to say what and awesome time I recently had surfing for 5 days on Maui! Been surfing for a year and wanted to focus on improving a few specific things with some solid practice. Nancy's tips were really great and I’ve been able to put them into practice back home. Learnt a lot, had a lot of fun and what a beautiful place!
Nancy was also incredibly helpful with regular communication and tips on where to stay and how to get about the island. Very happy to have booked through Nancy and would highly recommend to anyone thinking of booking a surf trip soon!! Mahalo!”
Melbourne, Australia, August 2016

“Nancy Emerson pushed me into my first wave in 1986. I stood up on every wave and fell in love with the ocean. If you want a beautiful relationship with surfing, spend some time with Nancy in the water. Share in her expertise, her oneness with the ocean and her kind and joyful spirit. It’s what surfing’s all about.”
Nia Peeples
Actor/ Singer

“I have a much greater understanding and awareness of surfing now. I have learnt what to aim for and what to correct. It was a great privilege to be taught by Nancy, and all in all the week proved to be a memorable, encouraging and extremely fun experience!”
Elena Vidal
Art Consultant, Spain
Hi! Nancy
I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your great customer service and for setting up the surf clinic. Nancy you are an excellent surf coach but even more important, it was really fun to chat and share experiences.
It was more fun than I expected and I gained a few tips that will be crucial to my future surfing. Things like the line up, proper boards, more weight on back foot for turns, and backside drop were all improved during the trip. And I definite plan to do a couple more within a year. If I can manage well, I am hopeful for at least one clinic per 6 months. I will definite be in touch.
Again, thanks very much for your kind support during the entire process.
Victor Souza
San Francisco

“First I want to thank you for your Ohana Aloha Welcome. I had such a great experience.
Nancy’s welcoming Aloha spirit, and genuinely felt she really wanted me to have a positive experience with my surfing. She took the time after I had filled out the on line registration, I thought was a very thorough questioner, for her to understand my experience with the ocean, and use as a teaching tool. I had hit a plateau with my surfing and need some guidance I had met Nancy a few months back in Fiji. I have been surfing for approximately 8 years, and am an instructor at a surf camp in the summer, here in Southern California.
My first was a clinic in San Clemente that a group of my friends participated in. It was there the beginning of working out some bad habits. The next weekend I went to San Onfre, I had such a great session, and more confidence with the new techniques I had learned.
Two weeks later I was in Hawaii, I had schedule private surf clinic 1 on 1 with Nancy. She took my back to the basics. I was in a new spot, with new information. Nancy focused on my positive abilities first, and led into constructive instruction, that led to more confidant, controlled rides.
She takes the time to write out affirmations for each student based on her observation and information with each student. That I believe helps her to better connect with the individual. A very personal way for the breakthroughs I experienced. I’m grateful to Nancy, her experience is defiantly a positive improvement to my surfing, and has taken me to a new level, I feel ready for.”
Kiki Foley
California Surfer Girl

“Internationally acclaimed Surfing Champion Nancy Emerson with her personal technique will teach you how to surf and will have you experience one of your finest experiences of your life.”
New York Times

Aloha Nancy,
Now that I’ve come down a bit from my Hawaiian high I’m finally able to reflect on my trip and write you this letter. As corny as it sounds, words really cannot adequately express what an extraordinary time I had when I took my series of surfing lessons from you. As you know, I hadn’t surfed in almost 25 years and was feeling a lot of anxiety and self-doubt. All of that vanished at the beginning of my very first lesson. You provided instruction in a way that was clear, supportive, patient, positive and most of all, fun, I was formerly a teacher and I know what it takes to impart information and skills and, believe me, you have all of the special qualities that teaching requires. You bolstered my self-confidence and made me feel successful (and I did ride waves the first day as promised!).
Life experiences are priceless to me…more important than money and material possessions. The experience I received from you will stay with me always. I’m looking forward to getting out into the California surf and applying all of the things you taught me. I know now that I can do it!
Mahalo and love to you,
Jim Trombella
Santa Barbara, California
Social Worker

Uma boa escola de surfe, sobretudo para iniciantes, professores muito atentos e capacitados, é um prazer frequentar esse local, recomendo muito!
A good school of surfing, especially for beginners, very attentive and trained teachers, it is a pleasure to attend this place, highly recommend it!”
Flory G
Salvador, BA