Turning Tips For Beginner Surfer Maui Oahu Hawaii

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Turning Tips For Beginner Surfer on Maui, Oahu, Hawaii!

Turning tips for you as a beginner surfer will help you progress a bit easier.  I had a client that was coming to one of my surf schools to work on her surfing, but she had to cancel due to work.  She requested and asked the following questions until she could come take a surf clinic with us.   The new surfers question:

“Can I ask you some turning tips for me, a beginner surfer, what to do in terms of a turning tips to turn to the right (backside) on a wave? It’s hard for me to turn even on 6’10”. I tend to go straight and find it difficult to turn. I know I should angle my board when I take off. You haven’t seen me surf but what’s the most important thing when you surf backside? Besides years of practice:)”
Well its truly interesting how many people do not understand that its so very important getting a real professional foundation in not only learning to surf, but most sports such as golf,  basketball,  tennis, swimming to name a few.  It makes a huge difference when working to better and expand your performance with your surfing.  Always look for a surf school that has an excellent foundation that teaches you on your 1st day ocean awareness, the currents and how read them, as well as the beginnings of how to read the waves.   That the school practices giving you a very detailed land instruction too!  Spend at least 45 minutes on the beach before paddling out, so you have a much better understanding.  Make sure to ask if they don’t share the turning tips, so you can start to turn on your first time in the waves. And ask questions so you feel comfortable and understand clearly.  The more confidence you have and being relaxed really will make it come so much easier for you!
Here are some easy tips turning for beginners:
#1 Turning  tip its important to keep your eyes up and looking forward like driving a car.  When you are looking up and ahead where you are going, you have much better balance, your speed increases and turning will become much easier for you.  Trial and error gives you a better understanding whats going to work for you too!
#2 Turning tip when you start to turn back side (with your back to the wave) use your weight from your head down to your toes to lean slowly in the direction you would like to move your surfboard in.  Weight distribution depends on the wave.  That’s why its so important for you to get excellent instruction, so a surf coach can carefully give you feedback.   
turning tips with surf clinics
Learning with turning tips and Shaunna is trimming out on Oahu’s South shore


#3 Turning tip  If you can’t get to a good or excellent surf coach for awhile, find a friend that knows how to follow you on a wave from the land & have them shoot short video’s on your iPhone of you taking off and turning.  Then you can watch play back of yourself surfing and turning.  There are surf coaches as myself that offer coaching via the phone or Facetime to help get you moving in the correct direction as well.
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We wish you all Happy Surfing!  And you can email at  nancy@surfclinics.com