The Miracle Seed

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Aloha! I have been waiting for the right time to share this amazing food with you, so Here it is….

My web site to order, try, or ask me questions is

The Miracle Seed is gluten–free, trans–fat free, sugar–free, high in fiber and protein, has no taste or smell and can be deliciously combined with many foods! Its supreme biological properties are not diminished by heat in the baking process, therefore making it easy to incorporate into your favorite recipes.

Mila™ is a mixture of Salvia hispanica L. seed which has been carefully selected to maximize its nutritional value. The mixture is mechanically processed using a proprietary system that optimizes the bioavailability and increases its nutritional value. Nothing is added to the product – it is a pure form of Salvia hispanica L. and is simply the best available today.

Well everyone I hope you take a bit of time to check this out friends. I have been eating Mila since Sept. 09′ when my friend Iwalani turned me
on to this fantastic discovery.

In the wave dept. Surf is teeny weeny on the Goldy at the moment, but on the way back up!
But Big news is the silly ness in Greece and Germans trying to help has made some major hits on US stocks and caused the Australian dollar to drop heaps fast in a week. Today its down to .80 cents.
Was at .93 1/2 cents. Should be dropping even more, so great to travel to Australia too! VAustralia, United, Air New Zealand & Qantas are all having great fares. So come down and come surfing with me. NEW Rate to come surfing and tour the Upper NSW and South East Queensland. Happy ALOHA FRiday for those in Hawaii Ney!

This is a shot of the Super bank in Coolangatta, Queensland. So think about come surfing with me on the Goldy in Australia. Aloha!

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