The status and reputation of Nancy Emerson

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“I would like to comment on the status and reputation of Nancy Emerson in the international surfing community. I met Nancy for the first time in Hawaii. My friend and I took a semi-private surf lesson from her. I found Nancy’s surfing school from the Internet. Her web site attracted me because it was professionally done, informative and fun! I was impressed by her alumni, from famous movie stars to surfing champions.

Being an instructor myself (since 1986, teaching in the computer industry) I value high quality instruction. Nancy’s surf clinics are high quality! She has vast experience, emphasizes safety, as well as respect for the ocean, and her instructional techniques are extremely effective.

This experience motivated me to look Nancy up when I was in Australia for business reasons. I took a special trip up from Sydney to the Gold Coast to take another surf clinics from her. Nancy not only instructed me, but she also took me around the area, showed me different surf sites, and basically was a “tour guide” for me. I really appreciated that.

I am looking forward to my next lesson with Nancy. Her talents, experience, and instructional techniques are a great asset to the surfing community. Nancy No Ka Oi!”