You Want to Learn How to Surf

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You Want to Learn How to Surf You want to learn how to surf?  Always been thinking of wanting to ride a wave and enjoy the surfing lifestyle?  Then you have are here to learn how to surf here.  You want to find a surf school that is going to teach you all about the […]

Surfing Lifestyle Over Thanksgiving

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Surfing lifestyle over Thanksgiving can be an open bag of surprises.  This week I am preparing to go home to Maui to see my Ohana (family) I miss so dearly.  Not sure I could live so far away from them without a surfing lifestyle & social media as I have been blessed with these years. […]

WSL Surfing Senior Tour Would You Watch

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WSL Surfing SENIOR TOUR Would you Watch? IT WORKS FOR THE PGA — MAYBE IT WOULD WORK FOR SURFING, TOO There are so many amazing surfing senior surfers world wide that would be so excited and stoked to surf on a surfing senior tour.  And Kelly and Tom Curren would be huge calling cards. Imagine this, for […]

You Will Surf Being Relaxed In The Ocean

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You Will Surf Being Relaxed In The Ocean You will surf being relaxed, reach new heights of fun and progress feeling comfortable in the ocean when you surf in the waves. Along my adventures, journeys, experiences and life I have gained many ways learning avenues to heal people holistically that have fear in the ocean.  […]

Surfboard Volume For Your Best Surfing Progress

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  Your Surfboard Volume is Important for your surfing success! Riding a long board with the correct surfboard volume can be fun for an experienced surfer and as well as a beginner surfer.   And for a shortboarder its even more important to get the best surfboard volume for your the best results on your technique  Surfboard shaper’s […]

Surf Tips Maui’s Pro Surfer Nancy Emerson

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Surf Tips Maui’s Pro Surfer Nancy Emerson & her surf coaches will help guide with an amazing foundation with your surfing. Surf tips for Maui and your surfing.  Nancy really loved what Hawaii’s artist Robert Wyland said  “The ocean stirs the heart, inspires imagination, and brings eternal joy to the soul.” Because of its moody nature, […]

5 Tips to Improving Paddling – Surfing in Oahu, Maui in Hawaii

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Paddling with the best form will really make a difference with your surfing! Paddling  correctly will really make a huge difference with your surfing performance!  And you will have way more fun and catching so many more waves too!!  Have you ever thought about if your paddling skills are the best you could do?  Check this […]

Surfing in Olympics Japan 2020

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  Surfing in the Olympics in Japan 2020 Well finally surfing in Olympics in Japan in 2020.  In the early 20th century, the father of modern surfing, Duke Kahanamoku – who was an Olympic gold medalist himself in swimming –shared his desire for surfing to be included as an Olympic sport. And today Duke’s dream […]

Your Power Turns in Your Surfing

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These days we’ll never stop appreciating good old-fashioned power turns in your surfing.  But so many surfers are blowing up with airs and whips, which have come to define modern progressive surfing.  And when it comes to turns of the variety, Hawaii’s Sunny Garcia has the power turns down in his surfing.  Sunny is a […]