INTERVIEW W/ Singer Songwriter Surfer and Actress Suzy Skarulis

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Suzy Skarulis
Suzy caught lots of Nice right handers @ Hookipa




Suzy Skarulis
So happy after fun sess @ Makaha


Suzy Skarulis
Having Laughs after so much Fun & laughs body surfing @ Makapu


Suzy Skarulis
Former Miss Hawaii Kanoi & amazing Hula dancer chilling with Suzy Skarulis and Nancy @ Halekalani


“Musically, Suzy Skarulis has been compared to iconic legends such as
Janis Joplin and Jodi Mitchell to modern day likes of Adele, Zoe DeChanel, Amy

Suzy Skarulis
Hangin watching Sunset @ Halekalani


Winehouse, and KT Tunstall.”  And  Suzy Surfs and has so much Joy for the Ocean!

Hi! Suzy,  Where did you start surfing and how were you introduced to the sport
of Surfing?


AloHA! Thanks for having me 🙂 When I was growing up, my much older and cooler cousin, Matty, was a surfer up in Long Island, NY. I remember being like 6-years-old and snooping around his room only to find SEX WAX on the dresser next to his bed. Of course, I freaked out and thought it was the funniest thing ever!! I even ran down the stairs with it in my hands screaming for my dad. Haha Wow. But I don’t think it was until a family trip to Oahu around the age of thirteen that got me hooked on surfing finally.What size a surfboard did you start on and for how long?

I had a 6’7″ Quiet Flight fun shape at first… I used to take that thing to Sebastian Inlet I just own it!! Can I just say how awesome my dad was? He literally would wade up to his neck on the inside sandbar and take pics with a disposable water proof camera and goggles on. Haha He’s still my #1 cheerleader!

What moved you to riding a short board & who?
I remember wanting to rip. So bad. I watched the pro girls growing up and just thought it was the coolest thing ever to be able to move like that on the water. Plus, I wanted to give all guy friends a run for their money in the lineup!!
Back in Sarasota, FL, when I was in high school, I walked into One World Surf Designs and offered to sweep the floors to learn about shaping and just the industry in general. Juan Rodriguez, the owner, was astonished that some 16-year-old chick wanted to hang out in a hot muggy factory with all these dudes and work getting dirty with resin and fiber-glass. I contribute my foundation in surfing, as well as a lot of my character, to him. Juan and the guys at the shop shaped boards for me that catered to my style and skill level throughout the years. So that was a definite plus! Before I knew it, I was going to expos and helping run his entire line of surfboards. Juan is kind of a legend and has had a notorious clientele…I actually gotta call that guy up! Talk about family status– Juan, if you’re reading this I love and miss you!! 
What do you think it was when you were learning & getting into Surfing, which
helped you focus and progress with your surfing technique to the next levels?
Let’s just say surfing kept me out of trouble growing up–for the most part. Haha I think maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating well, and exercising regularly really attributed to my advancement in surfing. Also, my parents never waivered as far as discipline. I think that had a lot to do with it. You’ve gotta put in the time to get better at anything right? Not to mention, getting coached by some pretty amazing surfers–i.e. NANCE EMERSON–changed my whole approach to the sport. 🙂

In turn, surfing helped me focus in things like school and music. It still does. A good pump up mix to rock up to on the drive to the water never hurt either!

Where are your favorite spots to surf and why?

Ooh man. After being stuck in Cali for so long anywhere with warm water really. And good waves. My favorite spots to date would have to be either Australia (gold coast, northern NSW) or Fiji. Even back where I lived on north shore, Oahu for so long–Velzyland–comes to mind.With your busy life, collective talents an unparalleled style in contemporary
entertainment, what gives you inspiration when you have had to much LA City
Being in LA I find myself constantly having to get away. As much as I love hustling and making my art my career, a lot of my roots lies in the ocean and the beach lifestyle. Disappearing every now and then gives me the chance to be re-charged and re-inspired to take on LA!When you get to the point where you want to have two home bases where do
you want to LIVE and Why?   LA City doesn’t count as one.
HAWAII is number one. Just because it’s been such a home to me. I’d love Australia too because of the culture and all the great waves.

What do you think that helps surfers when they plateau out and can’t seem to
progress any further with their Surfing?

Cross-training! In and out of the water. Ride a different board. Or go hiking. Or rollerblading.  Use those different muscles you forgot you had. Yoga–increase your flexibility! Doesn’t pole-dancing do that too? haha Whatever you’re into.

When does your next film release?

HEAVEN. A feature film about a girl rock band that takes over Hollywood. I play a surfing guitar player in it actually-go figure. HEAVEN is set to release in a couple of months the end of Summer!

What do you want to do when it does?   And where is your next Surf trip to?

I would love to disappear ASAP actually. Next stop=somewhere in the South Pacific!! Where should we go, Nance? 🙂 xoxo

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  1. Hi GP,Keep loading the vioeds, I’m out of the water for the next 4 weeks with a broken bone in my hand. So seeing / reading about your Oahu trip is helping to keep me sane!Have you tried to mount the GoPro on your short board? Rick

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