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Surfing lifestyle over Thanksgiving can be an open bag of surprises.  This week I am preparing to go home to Maui to see my Ohana (family) I miss so dearly.  Not sure I could live so far away from them without a surfing lifestyle & social media as I have been blessed with these years.  For openers this Thanksgiving we have a huge North swell approaching.  And I’m hoping for the World Surf League Women professional surfers they get some really good swell into Honolua Bay on Maui for them to really express themselves and crossing my fingers for off shores with 6-10 foot waves.  It seems over the decades of surfing in Hawaii over Thanksgiving weekend we always get a big swell with the weather as well, rainy days too.

We are looking at the Hawaiian’s coming into the last event for the year, which are Carissa Moore, Coco Ho, Malia Manuel and Tati Weston-Webb really want to play at home with their surfing lifestyle. So far we have not seen who the WSL is inviting as wild card  for this Honolulu Bay event as yet.  But Tyler, Sally and Courtney are in the running for this years World title.  But keep your eye on the Hawaiian’s cause they could do major spoiling with Carissa firing and flying over the last couple weeks to Maui with Johanne Defay, who also has lifted her performance all around this year.  Keep your eyes also on Keely Andrew and if its not to big Silvana Lima.

For those of you that are cooking and are surfers get your Turkey or if you are doing the veggie dance prepare everything early and get some fun waves dancing with Mother Nature.  If you are coming to the islands over the holiday weekend be prepared for the search or set up and hire a surf guide when you 1st arrive, so you learn where is the best spots for your level of a surfer to enjoy the waves.

I have only one week on Maui from Thanksgiving mid afternoon to find some surfboards for our future traveling surfers that don’t want deal with traveling with surfboards over the top excess baggage charges.  But if you have not planned what you are doing for surf equipment, check out on Maui on the North Shore in Kahului at Hi-Tech on Maui they have lots of rentals.  And if you are on the Westside of Maui check out Maui Surfboards for surfboard rentals for your surfing lifestyle.  For a surf guide on Maui or Oahu reach out to us here.  

I’m excited to also go over to Oahu to see more Ohana and meet my six month old grand niece I just missed being born by 12 hours when I was home in May. Darya (ocean in Persian) was born June 1st.  Also excited to see all my friends, surf Makaha, body surf Eastside, hunt down some large 9’6″ & 10′ longboards. And give some Kokua to a San Diego group called “Urban Surf 4 Kids”.  My chief surf coach Sasha wished I could be home when the kids come to Oahu, Hawaii and i’m making it happen.  Sasha has been giving to these lovely kids for a few years now & visits them in California once a year too.  And if there is anyone reading this that owns a business on Oahu and wants to give some thing for the kids it will be much appreciated as these kids Rock!  Text me on (808) 294-5544 They arrive Nov. 29th-Dec. 5th.

Another amazing option to check out on the island of Oahu is the Bishop museum.  A great rainy day outing.  Amazing history to our islands and surfing too!  If ya can find this book my dear friend wrote Gaellen Quinn “The Last Aloha” Gaellen lives on Molokai and wrote a novel about Queen Lili’uokalani of the shifting tides of loyalty and passion in the late 19th century Honolulu.  Gaellon gives a empathetic and accurate a reconstruction of the downfall of the Hawaiian monarchy as it may be possible to get. It will give you surfers or lovers of the Hawaiian islands an appreciation of Hawaii you never had before.

“The Last Aloha marries the ancient Hawaiian wisdom of ho’o pono pono to restore balance and harmony, with how Queen Lili’uokalani’s aloha spirit lives on in the multicultural, multiracial identity of modern Hawaii.  I couldn’t put it down and have read it a few times. Enjoy! 

I think its important because the world is getting smaller, we with our surfing lifestyle to be courteous, kind and helpful with others in the water by instead of being heavy handed to anyone, explain to them if they drop in on you or sitting in the way of you or just should not be out at the spot you are surfing, why they need to go in to another spot for their level of surfing.  You see most surf schools worldwide do not teach for example where and why people who are learning, or trying to get better not go out where its for the very experienced surfers.  The original Beach Boys up till the say the 1970’s always were very clear where the newcomer should not go. 

And when you aren’t in the of best shape, get ready for surfing again by many different options as pilates, yoga, playing tennis to get your movements up, cross fit and anything your surf school will guide you how to prepare.  Have an amazing Holiday surfing in the waves you choose to play in.  And if you decide or coming to Hawaii check us out and we are happy to work with you with your surfing!

Happy Surfing Lifestyle & Happy Thanksgiving!

Be stoked lift your surfing skills or come learn with us. Text us +1 (808) 294-5544 or email  Aloha!

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