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Enjoying the sunset surfing and coming out of a barrel
Enjoying the sunset surfing and coming out of a barrel
Whole families around the world love to surf and share the ocean together.
Whole families around the world love to surf and share the ocean together.

You may have managed to survive adulthood, but don’t really have a fun Life Style.  Have you thought about bringing Surfing into your life?  Do you know how wonderful a surfing life style is?  Have you ever tried to surf, body surf, body board or swim in the waves?  No!  or Yes!

So many people have no idea what the beautiful Moana (ocean) brings to one’s life!  I was lucky enough to be brought up at the beach as a small child by loving parents that were so passionate to share the love of my life, the Moana.

My parents were both body surfers, and surfed in Hawaii when they were there on their honeymoon and other visits.  You know, anyone can fall in love with the ocean and waves.  But many people are never lucky enough to be introduced to surfing let alone the ocean.   Its never to late, seriously you have no idea how special the ocean can be.  Doesn’t matter where you come from.  But it is very important you know how to swim,  but even if you don’t you can still fall in love with the most amazing gift mankind has, the ocean.

My Dad worked at the Rand Corp. in the defense department for 43 years and loved the ocean also being a small boy brought up in the Bay area.  My Grandparents, on my Mum’s and Uncle’s side settled in Hollywood and drove out to Santa Monica all the time on weekends to enjoy the ocean and surf.  So, if you have never experienced and felt the feeling of the ocean, ask a friend to share with you. Or book yourself a holiday come learn to surf and learn all about surfing and the life style.   And if you aren’t sure where to go, pick a location with warm water and weather to get the best introduction to surfing as a life style.

A wonderful options in in Hawaii – Oahu, which have some of the best beaches in the world.  And great waves if you want to Learn how to Surf too!  If you don’t mind traveling Mexico, Australia, and Fiji are other great spots too!   But remember always check with a pro or well traveled surfers before you just book, because there are certain times of the year to travel to different destinations.

And I am always happy to give you Kokua (help) and directions as a seasoned traveler.

hawaii surf lessons
Hawaiian wahine surfing the South Shore of Oahu

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