Thinking About Your Next Surfing Holiday? Stay In Shape 4 Your Surfing

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surfing holiday
Jesper from Frederiksberg, Denmark gets a glassy right hander @ Bowls



surfing holiday
Nancy’s chief surf instructor Steve with Esben, Tjerrild & Jesper from Denmark and chief instructor Colleen after a good fun session @ Ala Rocks


surfing holiday
Jesper & his mates Tjerrild & Esben enjoying the perfect glassy conditions in the surf


surfing holiday
Tyerrild caught a nice left, but was enjoying watching the fish & coral.

Aloha! Surfers and supporters reading my Blog, Thank You for your patience for hangin in there while my writers block was stuck, because I was surfing so much @ my beautiful home in Oahu & Maui, Hawaii.

Many of you are enjoying going surfing, but would like to improve on your surfing with your turns, cutbacks, round houses, riding inside the tube and reaching to new points in your understanding to each surf spot you surf.

It can be very helpful for you to take a surfing holiday to a warmer climate with a small group of friends to have fun and move your surfing to a new level. You may want to consider a surf guide or coach to show you around your 1st few of days where you are traveling to get the inside vibe on whats happening in the surfing locations you want to be exploring. As you can be introduced to spots that are way less crowded to surf. At my company we don’t publish a rate for a surf guide or coaching competitive surfers, but work out special rate’s for your budget and what you want to do.

We have different surfers & new comers to the sport of Surfing, which come to us from all over the world & some of you may feel some fear of different kinds and to shy to speak up regarding how you are really feeling. My personally selected surf instructors and myself truly care how you are feeling and want to help you work thru any blocks or uncomfortable feelings you may have in the ocean. So, its great for you if you can share with us before you arrive whats happening in detail, so one of my chief instructors or myself can call and speak to you personally and come up with a plan for you. I have many different type’s of plans we can offer you to work on before you arrive in Hawaii, Gold Coast, Australia or California. So let us know how we can help you!

There are a few things you can do even if you aren’t traveling any where, but to stay in shape in your upper body is the key to keep your body strong for your surfing. We like to share with people that if they can swim laps 3-4 times a week, but when you can’t swim, then you can do stand up free style strokes to music, etc 4 to 5 times a week for 10-15 minutes a day. This will really help build up your upper body, keep you strong and ready to go surfing. If you are near any ocean, lake, or flat water get yourself a SUP stand up paddle board, as this is a wonderful way to keep you fit as its the best core & fun exercise for Surfing. Here is my Oahu chief surf instructors with a great group surfer boys from Copenhagen, Denmark we had visit us in Feb. 2013 for a three day surfing clinic.

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  1. Nice post Nancy! Teaching these boys was awesome. We had a nice swell and they overall advanced their wave catching skills. We surfed 3 different surf breaks and they experienced changing wave, tide and ocean conditions. Steve did a wonderful and also taught about the roots of surfing in Hawaii. Mahalo Nancy for the opportunity to teach surfing for your wonderful company. Mahalo boys for an uplifting surf experience and teaching me about sustainability in Denmark!! Aloha, Colleen Kudo

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