Surfboard Volume For Your Best Surfing Progress

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  Your Surfboard Volume is Important for your surfing success!

Riding a long board with the correct surfboard volume can be fun for an experienced surfer and as well as a beginner surfer.   And for a shortboarder its even more important to get the best surfboard volume for your the best results on your technique 

Surfboard shaper’s & surfers have a better idea  what they want to know and have pushed to involve Surfboard Volume metrics and surfboard volume calculators recently, to try and dial in the best shapes for your surfboard and more enjoyment for each surfers ability. Nancy Emerson surf schools and surf clinics help you learn about this concept when getting in one of Nancy Emerson’s surfclinics.

Volume has become a more measurable and integral part of the process of surfboard design using CAD (Computer Assisted Design) with its files and programs for shaping a surfboard. Depending on the surfer’s weight, height, ability and waves you will be surfing.

Professional surfers like Kelly Slater, Gabriel Medina, John John Florence, Yago Dora, Seabass, Mick Fanning and the women Carissa Moore, Sally Fitzgibbons and Stephanie Gilmore can easily feel the difference in their equipment when very small changes are made in their  surfboard volume. This can impact high performance surfing in surfboards very much!

Many beginners don’t even think about trying to find out from a true professional surfing coach or an honest reliable surf school or surf shop really to find the correct size of board for themselves. To many people go out and buy surfboards for Christmas or Birthdays for someone, when they truly need to give them a three to five day surfing clinic or surf lessons as a gift.  Their loved ones will get some good directions on what surfboard volume they should get in the future if they fall in love with surfing. I have seen it for year’s people go out and get the incorrect surfboard for themselves and end up struggling to paddle and if they had found the right beginner surfboard for themselves it would be huge difference in staying & loving surfing or giving it up very early on.

How does one find the correct Volume for them?

Knowing your surfboard volume requires thinking about many different factors. Your surfing ability, height, weight, how often you are going to surf and what type of waves you will ride.

The distribution of the foam through the entire outline of the surfboard will make major impacts on your performance of your surfboard.

By knowing your surfboard volume for your body and surfing ability, you can help determine the right surfboard shape for your level of surfing. Well you are lucky if you do have someone that can really help you. Because the volume calculators and volume charts will help determine the volume you need for your surfboard.

There are other factors to consider as well. The Board Engine is an advanced calculator that gives you examples of surfboards when taking your age, level of fitness, surfing ability, type of waves & style of board you prefer all into consideration.

Take a simple example. Say you have two people, one is 23 and the other is 59 years old. Even if they are both 5’9” and 175 lbs, they probably shouldn’t be surfing the same board. Surfboard volume calculators need to take this information into consideration.

Until recently, surfboard volume was considered without really being measured. We would go and just feel the rails of the surfboard and put it under your arm and that would give you an idea of how the board would go & float in the waves.

People still swear by this and anyone who’s been around surfing will tell you it’s still a good system. If you have some surfing experience, you will always be able to use the feel test to understand to some extent how that board will perform for you.

Those of you that are starting out learning to surf please check in with myself or if you are on Maui or Oahu I can send you to the best shapers and surf shops and get you hooked up with the correct volume with your surfboard. 

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Best Surfboard volume when learning
Getting the best form & technique when you 1st learn makes a huge difference in your progress!