To New Beginnings of Our Year of The Snake in the Lives of Surfing

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new beginnings
Wendy Duke with new T&C 9′ Pro model we picked out together and Nancy before a fun session at Rest Camp on the West side, after a huge week of South swell & waves all over the island.


new beginnings
Wendy Duke on her new surfboard from Santa surfing Pine Tree’s in Hanalei Bay on Kauai Dec. 2012. Using her knowledge of form,
direction with eyes and her focus to where she is moving to. Woohoo! Wendy!

Pictures speak so much more than words to you and I.   So I thought it would

be extra special for you & all of us, for You to post pictures here on my blog

of your 2013 New Years experiences in the Ocean or out,

resolutions, doesn’t have to be surfing, or could just be a great recipe here for all of us to enjoy

and share.

 I would like to share with all of you about this super cool Mother of four, and wife Wendy Duke,  That’s her nick name.

 Wendy’s husband is a professional and Loves to take pictures of his family on holiday.  And as a husband also

 likes to make his wife Happy and treated her to a week on Oahu, Hawaii to a surfing clinic

with myself this past October.  When Wendy and I first spoke I was in Hawaii in my old hood

this past summer catching up with Ohana (family), friends and looking for a new instructor to work

in Hawaii for me personally, as I had sold my school there 8 years ago and now ready to Add Hawaii back

on our list.

Wendy said she had been trying

to learn to surf on Kauai out at Hanalei during her visits over the past year, but really Wendy

was looking for quality private instruction.  As Wendy wanted to really improve and reach to new levels

with her surfing.  Well I gave her a program of Yoga

and free style stokes, whether in or out of the water.  But to do them at least 4 days a week.

As I wanted Wendy to be ready to surf when she arrived on Oahu.

 I like surfers to be prepared for a new

surfing experiences when signing up for our surfing clinics to be able to catch long rides and to be able to paddle

back out and catch more waves together.  Boy!  We were very Lucky

with The Water Dragon of this past year.  We had

the best and Biggest South Swell of the year to play in and learn all new aspects of surfing, to remove bad habits

and transform Wendy into a new surfer girl.  That South swell was pumping with lots of waves to learn

so many new things that came Wendy’s way.  We surfed inside Bowls, Ala Rocks, Inside Pops, Paradise

and our last day together we surfed Rest Camp and it was much more tame for a very tired

surfing girl who was an outstanding student and prepared herself so much.  But I had no idea we would have

some of the Best surf all year on the South side!

  As you know from my last Blog we

have a new instructor that has joined my team from Makaha, but who now lives

on the island of Kauai, Claudia. I shared this information about my new instructor

with Wendy when she said she and her whole family were going

back to Hanalei for the Christmas Holidays.  Wendy is Akamai (smart) and took notes

and checked back at her affirmations I gave her.  Wendy said she had learned so much

and she was going to share with her children and work on what she had learned from her week long surfing clinic.

 So actually today I texted Wendy, who lives South of the Bay Area in California how her trip and holiday

went as I was really wanting to know how she did on

hear how her new T&C board, how it went surfing Hanalei area and how her progress was moving along.

 As its winter in the Northern Hemi

where Wendy lives and that means lots of rubber all over her body to keep her warm.  So not to much surfing between

October and the Holidays for Wendy, besides being cold, but a Mother of four.

Well, this is what I got back today  “Happy New Years to you as well!  We had a blast

in Kauai – 11 days of surfing Hanalei Bay.  Using my arms more as you taught.

Photo enclosed is compliments of my husband.  He also gave me the surfboard 7’8″ Pearson Arrow for Christmas,

so now I am very spoiled with two very beautiful boards.”  ” I have ridden my T&C board

several times here at Pacifica – have had lots of compliments and it rides beautifully.”

Now look at Wendy on her 7’8″ at Pine Tree’s!  I’m over the Moon and so so Happy for Wendy and these kinds

of results.   I just Love to see pic’s from my clients and hear how their surfing is going.

 So now all You out there please share photo’s of your New Beginnings

of 2013 with us all!

Any Questions or things you are interested in Please ask here on the Blog.  Aloha and a hui hou!

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