Nancy Emerson Returns to Hawaii & Reopens Aloha Surf Clinics Nancy Emerson

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Nancy Emerson, Hawaii’s international pioneer professional surfing champion and originator of the world famous “Learn To Surf In One Lesson” technique, which Ms. Emerson started in 1973, has re opened her Hawaii location back in July of this year under her other name “ALOHA SURF CLINICS With Nancy Emerson.  Nancy is still based out of Oahu & the Gold Coast of Australia, but returns to her home in Hawaii for private surfing clinics and visiting family.

Nancy is excited to share about her newest professional surfing instructor in Hawaii, Joao Marco Maffini from Haiku, Hawaii.   Joao Marco has been raised in Hawaii and surfing since he was four years old.  Maffini has been traveling around the world competing and chasing swells.  One of Hawaii’s top surfers and one of the top shapers in the world is Matt Kinoshita owner of “Kazuma Surfboards Hawaii” who has trained Joao Marco to be an amazing surfer and waterman, since Joao Marco was eight years old.  Nancy has so much respect for Matt and his coaching skills to so many youth around Hawaii.  Joao Marco is an excellent addition to Nancy’s team of surfing instructor’s for Hawaii, The Gold Coast of Australia and the island of Oahu, where Nancy continues to surf, coach and teach people from around the world.

In Hawaii, Nancy’s ALOHA SURF CLINICS, is now offering a surf guide, surfing instructor to teach who speaks Italian, Portuguese and Spanish languages.  For Surfing clinics you can contact Aloha Surf Clinics with Nancy Emerson via or the web site

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