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Hi! Friends & Surfers ALOHA!

Life has changed so much since I grew up in Malibu/Pacific Palisades California & Waikiki, Makaha Oahu.  We all respected our elders and everyone in the ocean.  Manners extended from the land directly all the time right out into the line up.  Do you remember this surfers from then? The Joy of the past?  Kindness is so important to share with all people no matter where you are.  Have you thought how many more people are surfing around the world than years past?  Our local famous spots get very crowded at times & its not fun when people don’t know how to share.

Life surfing waves with people is so important, as you will have so much more enjoyment and fun being KIND to each other.  This is short and sweet.  So if you find a young surfer who never learned manners and Kindness from their parents, maybe you can share in a kind way or with a smile that might just make a difference in our world.

So, In future when you are checking out a spot to go Surfing, first take ten 10 to twenty 20 minutes to really see whats happening out in the line up,  because you are there to surf and have fun and make a difference for those around you.

Summer swells are upon us in the Northern Hemi and Clean new swells in the Southern Hemi.  So make sure you have your equipment ready to rock and roll on the waves that gives all of us the Zest of Life.

If you have never been to Hawaii, make the time to visit so you can be able to feel what ALOHA is truly.  ALOHA in Action is Love, Affection, Compassion, Mercy, Sympathy, Pity, Kindness, Sentiment, Grace, Charitable, Greeting and its a deep expression of the Love you feel from each other.

Surfing with Grace @ Rainbow Bay, Queensland WCT Pro Julian Wilson

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