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Surfers & surfing lovers of our sport of surfing. Aloha!

My blog had taken a time out, because getting word press to work with me, a bunch of traveling surfing and visiting the family.  But I’m back and so is the Hurley Australian Open Surfing this week.  Its been an amazing week with the pro’s down in Sydney surfing the beach break at Manly.  Surf has been for some days in teeny tiny waves and some shoulder high waves during the past week.  This morning 1st heat up was 3 time World Champion Mick Fanning up against Tahitian Mateia Hiquily. WQS surfer Hiquily had his game plan set and was siting in the spot for some good open lefts.  Mick an amazing surfer sat in the rip and just wasn’t finding it happening today for him.  The total was 14.60 Hiquily to Fanning’s 9.33.   This was the second time Hiquily beat Fanning, which was in the 2nd round and a close one.

The interview with Mick Fanning after his heat in the Hurley Australian Open Surfing was really an excellent one and Mick gave a very humble take on how the heat went.  Fanning was happy, gave kudo’s to Mateia Hiquily on his game plan & his surfing.  That is a mark of a true champion and Fanning is showing the youth not to be bummed out, but to be gracious in losing.   Surfing is a fun and gives us all freedom!  Weather we enjoy competitions or just free surfing, surfers need to understand the world’s population’s have grown and we all need to show kindness and respect to each other!

The WSL & WQS professional women surfers are showing their game plans and there are some stand outs Like Hawaii’s Tatiana Weston, Two time World Champion Carissa Moore, Coco Ho, Alessa Quizon and Malia Manuel in this 6000 event.

The Australian young women have it really going for themselves in super form such as Georgia Fish, Bronte Macaulay, Laura Macaulay and Isabella Nichols.  Throw the WCT ladies into waves and look out with 6 time World Champion Stephanie Gilmore, Sally Fitzgibbons, Laura Enever, Nikki Van Dijk & Tyler Wright are preparing for the Roxy Pro, which starts in 2 weeks.

If you are going to do some air’s with your surfing make sure you focused, get some yoga in your life style and relax!  The air’s the men and women are getting such as Kolohe Andino, Jack Freestone, Ryan Callinan, Jesse Mendes, Hawaii’s Freddy Patacchia and the amazing Australia Julian Wilson are great to learn from.

2 Time World Champion Carissa Moore @ Roxy Pro
2 Time World Champion Carissa Moore @ Roxy Pro


Enjoy your surfing this Valentine’s weekend and remember to share and be kind to each other in and out of the water.  Happy Surfing!

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