Down on the Beautiful Gold Coast of Queensland

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Aloha! from Down Under on the Gold Coast where its the best time of year to surf, play and walk your doggy on the beach.

We have been having the best fun waves and the weather and water temps are wonderful for boardies and bikini’s.  So if you are in Victoria or in South Australia come visit the Goldy or plan a trip to the Hawaiian Island of Oahu, the surf is wonderful there now too!  On all sides there’s waves.  This is the first of many blogs, but its time to hit the beach to surf.  So see ya in the line up or down at the Beach. A hui hou!

Julian Wilson rips out at Rainbow Bay.

gold coast

gold coast

These are the Melbourne, Australian girls Lisa and her daughter Kira who came to Honolulu last year to improve their skills with us at ALOHA SURF CLINICS on Oahu, Hawaii.  They have new boards now and really love their surfing so much more than ever getting to new levels with their surfing.  So think about your winters where ever you are and come visit us in Hawaii.  Aloha and See ya soon!

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