Surfing in Olympics Japan 2020

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  Surfing in the Olympics in Japan 2020 Well finally surfing in Olympics in Japan in 2020.  In the early 20th century, the father of modern surfing, Duke Kahanamoku – who was an Olympic gold medalist himself in swimming –shared his desire for surfing to be included as an Olympic sport. And today Duke’s dream […]

Big Wave Surfers

Posted on Leave a commentPosted in Blog The professional big wave surfers have been added to the World Surf League and added onto the professional world tour a few years ago and its happening around the world live for all of you to watch live in your homes.  In fact its on today the semi’s and finals in Mexico at  The Puerto […]

Your Power Turns in Your Surfing

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These days we’ll never stop appreciating good old-fashioned power turns in your surfing.  But so many surfers are blowing up with airs and whips, which have come to define modern progressive surfing.  And when it comes to turns of the variety, Hawaii’s Sunny Garcia has the power turns down in his surfing.  Sunny is a […]

Family Time Aloha Style With Nancy Emerson

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Family time Aloha style with Nancy Emerson Aloha Surf Clinics is a great way to come and learn to surf or bring your family to tune up their surfing skills together. If you surf already you can introduce your family to learning to surf and bond together on the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawaii. […]

What You Need Riding Large Waves Surfing

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Today in Western Australia is the start of the men’s and women’s Championship Tour called the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro.   There are a few surf spots at Margarets.   And its important when you are going to ride larger waves, you work yourself into it from being a young teen, if possible. Your results will […]

Your Surfing Riding Waves 4 Your Health

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Surfing gives us wonderful health benefits and keeps us happy riding waves.   But it’s very important when you feel something out of left field to go and get yourself checked out. Two and half weeks ago my dear surfing buddy, chief surf coach for my Australian School of Surfing Mark McNamara had a massive heart […]